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A death certificate with bright future for the dead


One cannot just imagine getting a death certificate of his father with wish of a bright future for his dead father. In unusual incident in a village in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh, the head village issued a death certificate of a man confirming his death and wishing him a bright future towards the end.

The incident took place in Sirwariya village in Asoha block. The incident came to light after it became viral in social media.

Lakshmishankar died following illness on January 22, 2020. His son on February 17 approached the pradhan Babulal for a death certificate for producing before some financial institution.  The head of the village not only issued a death certificate but also ‘wished” a bright future for the deceased’. Once the issue became viral in the social media, the village head man appologised to the family of the deceased. He said that a new certificate will be issued soon.




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