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CDR Crucial For Limiting Global Warming

CDR Crucial For Limiting Global Warming

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) from atmosphere is crucial for limiting global warming, in addition to rapid cuts to emissions, according to the...
Climate Change; Marine Species to Loss Habitat Ranges

Warming Climate Adds to Cyclones in Atlantic

In a major study, the researchers saaid that warming climate would increase the number of tropical cyclones and their intensity in North...
Two Billion people at Risk of Temperature Rise

Europe Warming Much faster and Becoming Drier

Europe is warming faster than the global average and the climate across the continent also became drier, particularly in southern Europe, leading...
African Glaciers To Disappear In Two Decades

Third Pole Shows Alarming Warming Trend

Already a known fact that Himalayas are melting, a new study from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) shows that the glacier-capped...
Warming Antarctic waters, a threat to Ecosystem

Warming Antarctic waters, a threat to Ecosystem

Warming waters, decreased sea ice and reduced abundance of Antarctic silverfish, a correlation that has now been discovered by a group of researchers of...
2021 The Warmest Year

Progress Lagging to Stick to Global Warming Limits

With world leaders emerging at the Glasgow Climate Summit, numerous climate studies have come out giving out warning signals for the leadership to maintain...

Arabian Sea worst affected by Global warming

Global warming has its worst impact on the planet and no doubt, climate change has taken a toll on the oceans. A new study...

Warming Temperatures adds more to Arctic Greening

The northern landscape of the Earth is changing with more warming in the Arctic region. A new study using satellite images to track global...

More animals in Arctic region slow down global warming  

Animals such as reindeer, bison and horses could save the word from global warming and also save the Arctic, according a recent study. The...

Estuaries warming faster than oceans

Estuaries are fast warming than oceans and atmosphere, according to a new study from Australia. The study was held in the estuaries on the...