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1.1 Billion Covid 19 Vaccine Wastage

India for foreign produced Covid 19 vaccines

Aimed at hastening the pace and coverage of Vaccination across India, the government agreed to approve foreign produced COVID-19 Vaccines. The Centre agreed vaccines...
Covid 19 patients At Higher Risk Of Diabetes and Cardio Disease

WHO all set to deliver maximum Covid Vaccines

“The end of the pandemic is in sight but we must not let our guard down,” said World Health Organization (WHO) Chief Tedros Adhanom...
After Coronavirus, the World Sees New Zoonotic Langya Henipavirus

After Coronavirus, World Sees New Zoonotic Langya Henipavirus

As the world slowly starts to recover from Coronavirus, a new zoonotic virus has now emerged from China's two eastern provinces –...
1.1 Billion Covid 19 Vaccine Wastage

1.1 Billion Covid 19 Vaccine Wastage

The Developing as well as least developed nations among others are yet to meet the Covid 19 vaccine target even as a...
Novavax, Serum Institute File for Emergency Use Authorization of Covid Jab

Covid19; More Deaths In Poor Countries Than Thought

Covid 19 pandemic was earlier thought to have caused more deaths and infection in rich countries than in poor countries. But this...

A Jump Of Maternal Mortality During COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts have taken a heavy toll on American mothers who were pregnant or just gave birth, said a...
No Risk For Heart Patients Taking Covid Vaccine

No Risk For Heart Patients Taking Covid Vaccine

Is COVID vaccine safe for patients with cardiovascular disease? In a major study, researchers said that COVID-19 vaccination is not associated with...
1.1 Billion Covid 19 Vaccine Wastage

Vaccine Lowered Covid 19 Death Rates

Covid 19 vaccines reduced the potential death toll across the world by more than half in the year following their implementation, said...
One In Five Americans Fear Getting Monkey pox

Monkeypox and Public Health Emergency

With more than 1,600 confirmed cases and almost 1,500 suspected cases of Monkey pox reported this year across 39 countries - including...
Some Thoughts About Norovirus

Some Thoughts About Norovirus

Two children in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala have been infected with Norovirus, which the state health department disclosed on June 5. Same as diarrhoea-causing...