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Save the Children reveals an unprecedented surge in dengue cases in 2023, driven by extreme weather and climate change. Urgent action is needed to address the escalating health crisis, with a focus on vulnerable communities and children. Join the call at COP28 to combat climate change and protect global health.

Game-Changing Malaria Vaccine: Revolutionary Step

The World Health Organization's approval of the R21/Matrix vaccine, developed by Oxford University in collaboration with the Serum Institute of India, marks a pivotal moment in the battle against malaria. This disease claims the lives of approximately half a million people in Africa every year. The vaccine has shown remarkable efficacy, reducing malaria cases by up to 75%, and has the potential to be manufactured at scale and at an affordable cost.
Covid Vaccine Coverage Obstacles Multifaceted And Heterogenous

Covid Vaccine Coverage Obstacles  Multifaceted And Heterogenous

Claims of vaccine hesitancy has nothing to do with the poor covid vaccine coverage in world's poorest and most conflicted countries but...
Red Alert For Children’s Health: Vaccination Coverage Dropped Sharply

World should worry about vaccine to children

Has the vaccination coverage come down globally and is there any alarming situation? At the time of Covid 19 pandemic, the world...
1.1 Billion Covid 19 Vaccine Wastage

1.1 Billion Covid 19 Vaccine Wastage

The Developing as well as least developed nations among others are yet to meet the Covid 19 vaccine target even as a...
No Risk For Heart Patients Taking Covid Vaccine

No Risk For Heart Patients Taking Covid Vaccine

Is COVID vaccine safe for patients with cardiovascular disease? In a major study, researchers said that COVID-19 vaccination is not associated with...
1.1 Billion Covid 19 Vaccine Wastage

Vaccine Lowered Covid 19 Death Rates

Covid 19 vaccines reduced the potential death toll across the world by more than half in the year following their implementation, said...
Covid 19 Vaccine For Children Next Month

Covid 19 Vaccine For Children Next Month

Indian Council of Medical Research’s (ICMR) National Institute of Virology (NIV) has said Covid 19 vaccine for children in India would be available by...
Kerala CM writes to 11 CMs for pressuring Centre on Covid 19 Vaccine

Kerala CM writes to 11 CMs for pressuring Centre on Vaccine

With the State governments directed to take measures to procure Covid 19 vaccines on their own and several of the states still finding t...
Covid 19 Vaccine For Children Next Month

TB, Polio Vaccines Could Boost Immunity to Covid

The Global Virus Network (GVN), a coalition comprised of human and animal virologists from 63 Centers of Excellence and 11 Affiliates in 35 countries,...
Covid 19 and G7; Six Lakh Lives Lost

Covid 19; Wait 12-16 Weeks for 2nd Covishied Vaccine

An advisory panel on immunisation recommended increasing the gap between two doses of Covishield  COVID-19 vaccine to 12-16 weeks. However, it did not recommend...