Friday, March 31, 2023
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Covid remains a Global Concern in 2021

Spike In Brain Diseases Post Covid

Covid pandemic has significantly impacted the incidence of various brain diseases in India and its full effects are going to be visible...
CO2 emission Spiked in 2021; Study

Wildfire And Higher risk of Cancer 

How does wildfire affect the health? Are people exposed to Wildfire at a higher risk of cancer? A new study in lancet...
53 Year Old Gets New Lease Of Life; Rare Life Threatening Tumor Removed

53 Year Old Gets New Lease Of Life; Rare Life Threatening Tumor Removed

In a much-complicated surgery, a 53 year old patient got a new lease of life after the removal of large sized tumor (35*32*34 cm),...
Breast cancer: Turning Taboos into Action Needed In Rural India

New nano drug kills triple negative breast cancer

There is good news for patients with breast cancer who are reeling under the pains chemotherapy. A group of researchers at the University of...
When Are People With Covid 19 Infectious?

IIT, Delhi comes up with AI model for Covid drug repositioning

As part for the fighting the coronavirus pandemic, the IIT Delhi has come up with a computational Artificial Intelligence model for drug repositioning in...

Scientists identify a protein that helps cancer spread

The scientists have identified a protein that breast, lung and other cancers use to promote their spread -- or metastasis -- to the brain....