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One In Five Americans Fear Getting Monkey pox

Monkeypox and Public Health Emergency

With more than 1,600 confirmed cases and almost 1,500 suspected cases of Monkey pox reported this year across 39 countries - including...
Poor Funding, Trend Towards Private Sector Widens Health Gap

Poor Funding, Trend Towards Private Sector Widens Public Health Gap

The poor funding in public health care system and the trend towards supporting the growth of private sector worsened the health infrastructure and widened...
Urbanization quickens in Asia-Pacific, so too does threat of urban food insecurity

Promote healthy food in Public facilities; WHO

Stressing that unhealthy diet is responsible for millions of deaths and lost years of good health, the World Health Organisation has called for promoting...
Climate Change; Marine Species to Loss Habitat Ranges

Public Support Must for Meaningful strides in Climate Mitigation

As tackling climate change becomes an urgent and fundamental challenge, public support is a must for making any meaningful strides toward implementing...
Afghanistan is World's Largest Humanitarian Crisis

Persistent barriers to accessing healthcare in Afghanistan

Afghans are finding it hard to meet their medical expenses even as unmet medical and humanitarian needs continue to soar in Afghanistan,...
One Health Approach is What the World Needs

One Health Approach is What the World Needs

The world needs a ‘One Health’ approach with human, animal and environmental health organisations working together to prevent, monitor and respond to...
healthy city


Mayors and city leaders will join together in London on March 15, 2023 for the Healthy Cities Summit, where they would discuss...
Travel Far From Home For Better health

Travel Far From Home For Better health

People who travel more outside of their local area are healthier than those who stay closer to their homes, according to a...
health care 2023 in india

India Needs To Learn From Pandemic to Strengthen Health Services in 2023

In India, public health has become the subject of national discussion and terms like vaccines, genome sequencing and disease surveillance have become...
One Health Approach is What the World Needs

Racism, discrimination Leads to Health Inequalities 

Racism, xenophobia, and discrimination adversely affect health across all ages, leading to health inequities, according to Lancet. In its...