Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Immunization Rates Show Post-Pandemic Rebound; Challenges Remain for Low-Income Countries

Immunization Rates Show Post-Pandemic Rebound; Challenges Remain for Low-Income Countries

Recent data from the WHO and UNICEF reveals signs of immunization services rebounding globally, but low-income countries still face challenges in reaching pre-pandemic levels. Millions of children remain at risk of disease outbreaks due to vaccination gaps, making international efforts crucial in restoring routine immunization services
PRET; The Preparation For Future Pandemics

PRET; The Preparation For Future Pandemics

With the world still reeling under zoonotic and other influenza, the WHO has come up with a new initiative that provides guidance on integrated planning for responding to any respiratory pathogen such as influenza or coronaviruses.
Official End to Covid 19 Health Emergency Adds to priorities of children

Covid pandemic Related Stress Had Greatest Impact on Pregnant Women

COVID-19 related stress impacted the mental health of those who were pregnant during the pandemic, than those who were not, said a...

World Not Prepared For Future Pandemics; IFRC

Though COVID-19 pandemic showed the world the importance of being prepared, the world is "dangerously unprepared" for future pandemics, warned the International...
Female Researchers Move Less to Other Countries

Trust in Science, Genetics Increased During Pandemic

Has the trust in trust in science, particularly genetics, increased significantly during the pandemic? Well, research by a group from various universities...
Changing the Way for Health Financing

India Needs To Learn From Pandemic to Strengthen Health Services in 2023

In India, public health has become the subject of national discussion and terms like vaccines, genome sequencing and disease surveillance have become...
Life Expectancy Still Rising

“Zero draft” to protect the world from future pandemics.

An agreement was reached among the 194 member states of the World Health Organization to develop the first draft – “zero draft”...
High blood pressure, a global concern, affects 1 in every 3 adults worldwide, as per the recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO). Stress and sedentary lifestyles have driven this surge in hypertension cases, with over half of those affected unaware of their condition. But before resorting to medication, there are effective home remedies to manage blood pressure levels naturally.

Blood Pressure Levels Rose During Covid 19 pandemic

People with hypertension saw a small, but consequential, rise in their blood pressure levels during the first eight months of COVID-19 pandemic,...
BharOS, an Indigenous OS for More Freedom

Internet penetration Increases With Pandemic

Even though the world saw a much larger internet penetration, about 37 per cent of the world's population (2.9 billion people) still have never...
Living Near Busy Road Adds to tension

Pandemic To have More years of Mental Distraction in Children

Fear, Loneliness and Grief – these emotions enveloped the lives of millions of children, young ones and their families as COVID 19 pandemic descended...