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No More Pain; A Device For Pain Management

No More Pain; A Device  For Pain Management

People can never endure any pain and many a time, they might have thought of getting rid of it in some manner....
Need To Foster Positive Research Culture in Medical Colleges

How Heights Affect Health Conditions?

Can heights affect the risk of health conditions of people? A large genetic study by the US Department of Veteran Affairs Million...
Menopause is the end of menstruation, not the end of the world

Headache A Global Phenomenon; Affects More Than 50 Per Cent

Headache is quite normal for everyone. Well, is this a global phenomenon? The truth as claimed by a group of researchers is...
Robots Get Finger Tips Like Humans

Robots Get Finger Tips Like Humans 

Will fingertip helps the robots sense the texture of substances as a human fingertip does? Robots are programmed to lift objects and...

Hollywood Gems of 2021

In 2021, the world saw itself rising from the worst pandemic in humanity’s history. Several creative works and ideas which were completed or under...
T Rex Used Sensors to detect preys

T Rex Used Sensors to detect preys

Tyrannosaurus rex was not just a big beast with a big bite but it had nerve sensors in the very tips of its jaw...
Lupus Patients Need Attention Amidst Covid-19

Lupus Patients Need Attention Amidst Covid-19

At the time of Covid 19 pandemic, people with lupus around the world continue to experience significant obstacles and as a result, serious negative...

IIT Kharagpur comes up with micro needles

A human hair is about 50 to 70 micrometre thick and a needle having 55 micrometre thick has now been developed by scientists in...

Covid patients to have early Neuro symptoms

Coronavirus is already known to develop neurological issues in people. But a new study has found that neurological symptoms may appear even before fever...