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Asian Immigrants and Hurdles in America

US is World’s Top Destination for Foreign Investment

The United States recorded the largest increase of inward foreign direct investment in 2021 and China moved to the third position, said...
Global Trade Growth turns 'Negative'; UNCTAD

More Investment in Maritime Supply Chain Needed to Overcomne Future Crisis

COVID-19, Ukraine war, climate change and geopolitics wreaking havoc on maritime transport and logistics, an increased investment in maritime supply chains is...
CO2 emission rose in 2022

Developing Countries Need Key Investments, Policy Reforms for Emission Reduction

Investment to the tune of 1.4% of GDP annually could reduce emissions in developing countries by as much as 70 per cent...
Renewable to Dominate World Electricity

Investment in Renewables Need to Triple by 2050 For Cleaner World

The world should switch to cleaner forms of energy, such as solar, wind and hydro-electric power to limit the global temperature rise,....
Scrappage Policy to bring in more than Rs 10 thousand crore investment

Scrapping Policy To Bring In More Than Rs 10 Thousand Cr investment

Stressing that new scrapping policy was an important link in the circular economy of “Waste to Wealth”, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that...
One Health Approach is What the World Needs

Post Covid; Investment Agencies Focus More on Health Sector

With Covid 19 continuing to hit badly and the world looking forward towards a post pandemic policy shift and investments, the Investment Promotion Agencies...

Cities “advertisers” for foreign direct investment

Urban areas are not just regions that build up hope and aspirations of many but they are primary catalysts of economic development and prosperity...

Geojit launches bespoke WhatsApp Channel to simplify stock trading and mutual fund investment

Using registered mobile numbers, clients can chat with the dealers for stock trading, invest in Mutual Fund, track fund transfer, view Geojit research reports...
Women Representation gets the Spending More

Smart investments, sound policies crucial to eradicate poverty

A slowing economy, lack of social protection and job losses are expected to push about 71 million to 135 million additional people into extreme...

PM FME to bring 35,000 crore investment in food sector

Aimed at generating investment of about Rs 35,000 crore and nine lakh skilled and semi-skilled employment, Indian on Monday launched the PM Formalization of...