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Doctors and nurses are much enthusiased for the integration of generative AI technology to enhance clinical decision-making., according to recent report by Elsevier Health titled "Clinician of the Future 2023".

AI for Good of All: UN Urges Human Rights and Accountability

UN Secretary-General António Guterres emphasizes the importance of human rights, transparency, and accountability as essential guardrails for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) "for the good of all." Discover the discussions held at the "AI for Good" Global Summit, exploring ways to leverage AI for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals while addressing potential risks and promoting responsible deployment.
Fight For Women’s Equality Gone So Far; Survey

UN Outlines Human Rights Concern In 40 Countries 

In the present scenario of Human Rights challenges, the United Nations emphasised the need for fresh thinking and bolder political leadership to...
Myanmar Military Brings Country Into Perpetual Human Rights Crisis

Myanmar Military Brings Country Into Perpetual Human Rights Crisis

Two years after launching a coup, the military in Myanmar has brought the country into a perpetual human rights crisis through continuous...
Alarming Rise in TB Patients Among prisoners

No Death penalty; Says UN Human Rights

Death Penalty is still in vogue in 79 countries across the world and the United Nations wants these countries to work harder...
No Surrender of Human Rights For a Living; UN

No Surrender of Human Rights For a Living; UN

No one should have to surrender their human right to migrate in order to find a living wage, the UN human rights...
Serious Human Rights Violations Xinjiang Uyghur Region; UN

Serious Human Rights Violations  Xinjiang Uyghur Region; UN

In a strongly-worded report, the UN said that “serious human rights violations” have been committed against the Uyghur and “other predominantly Muslim...
An alarming number of children in Afghanistan are being compelled into labour to aid their families in coping with the escalating levels of poverty and hunger, according to a latest report from the Save the Children.

Human Rights Still A Long Road For Afghanistan

“It is beyond time for all Afghans to be able to live in peace and rebuild their lives after 20 years of...
India Imposes Restrictions on Imports of Laptops, Tablets, and PCs

Pegasus spyware: UN Human Rights Raise Concern

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, Former Election Commissioner Ashok Lhasa, several Ministers and Journalists in India appeared on a list of “potential targets” for...
WHO Warns Against Untested AI-based tools; Could Harm Patients

AI Improves Health; Ethics, Human Rights Grave Concern

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can improve healthcare systems across the world but only if ethics and human rights are put at the heart of its...
Molnupiravir Gets DGCA Consent for treatment of Adults with Covid

Covid 19; UN Human Rights experts call for lifting sanctions

A group of UN independent Human Rights experts have called on countries to lift or atleast ease the sanctions to allow affected nations and...