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Heart-Healthy Power of Salmon: Weapon against Cholesterol

: Discover how incorporating salmon into your diet can combat high cholesterol and promote heart health. Learn about the research-backed benefits of salmon consumption and explore nutritious recipes to incorporate this super food into your meals.

Nexus of Burnout and Physical Health

Explore the dynamic interplay between burnout and physical well-being, uncovering the hidden toll of chronic stress on the body.

Chronic Wasting Disease; Implications for Wildlife, Human Health

Chronic wasting disease (CWD), often called "zombie deer disease", is quietly spreading among deer populations in North America, raising concerns among scientists and the public. Learn about the disease, its potential impact on human health, and the urgent need for coordinated action to address this growing threat.

Males Born To Obese Women Are At Heightened Health Risk

Discover how maternal obesity affects foetal liver development and increases the risk of metabolic complications in offspring.

NASA ‘s  PACE Satellite to Study Ocean Health, Climate Change

NASA ' s PACE satellite successfully launches, aiming to study ocean health, air quality, and climate change impacts. The mission promises invaluable insights into Earth's ecosystems and climate dynamics.

Spiritualism and Health

Spiritual health is more than cures. It is a catharsis and the means to grow out of the shell that imprisons us. Faith moves mountains; it also cures us of our attachment to this world. Suffering cures atheism and takes us to God.

Social Robots in Healthcare: Pioneering Trials

Explore the groundbreaking trials of AI robots in healthcare, where androids demonstrate their ability to answer patient queries, perform tasks, and enhance the overall patient experience. Could these "social robots" be the future of patient care?

Financial Strain Unleashes Long-Term Health Risks

A groundbreaking UK study uncovers the lasting impact of financial strain on health markers. Researchers reveal how chronic stress, particularly linked to financial strain, influences the immune, nervous, and hormonal systems, paving the way for potential clinical interventions

Budget signals commitment to bolstering healthcare

The Interim Union Budget -2024 presented by the Indian Finance Minister brings an array of developments , signalling a commitment to bolstering healthcare infrastructure and services

Crafting a Healthy Postpartum Diet for Moms

Embark on the postpartum journey with a purposeful diet – discover the key elements to promote healing, sustain energy, and nurture both body and mind. Uncover the secrets to a well-balanced, calorie-rich, and nutrient-packed menu for the new chapter of motherhood."