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Half of U.S. Pet Owners Consider Pets as Family Members

US Pet Owners Consider Pets as Family Members

A Pew Research Centre survey finds that nearly all U.S. pet owners (97%) consider their pets to be part of their family, with half (51%) considering them as much a part of the family as a human member. Women, individuals with lower family incomes, and urban residents are more likely to view their pets in this way. Dog ownership is slightly more prevalent than cat ownership, with 49% of pet owners having dogs only. Pet owners are divided on the emphasis placed on pets' well-being in society.
50 % More Children Trafficked By Family

50 % More Children Trafficked By Family

More than half of the children trafficked for forced labour, domestic work, and sex work are recruited by friends or family members, according to a new analysis.
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which officially promotes atheism and discourages religious practices among its members, has a more complex religious landscape than one might expect. According to a recent analysis by the Pew Research Center, some CCP members still identify with various religions, highlighting the diverse beliefs within the party.

One Million Tibetan Children in China Separated from Family

About one million Tibetan minority children in China have been separated from their families and placed into Government-run boarding schools, forcing their...
The Right Family Planning in the Changing World

The Right Family Planning in the Changing World

As the world changes, achieving universal access to family planning takes on new urgency. With this urgency in mind, the UNFPA has...
Congress plenary session; Takeaways

Congress and “One family, One Ticket”

The Congress Party is known for its dynasty politics and now the party’s proposal of “one family, one ticket” has at least...
Congress; It is Still The Gandhi Family

Congress; It is Still The Gandhi Family

Are the Gandhi trio-Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi - still having the traditional "Family" sway on the Congress Party? Do...
Fight For Women’s Equality Gone So Far; Survey

2020 saw 47,000 women/ girls Killed At the Hands of Family Member

A woman or a girl is killed by an intimate partner or a family member every 11 minutes, and the magnitude of gender related...
Expanding Social Protection Systems Needed For Households

For Majority Family Gives Meaning to Life

What do you value most in life? Is it family, health, wealth or friends? Well, for most of the people family comes first. A...
Detecting diabetes, heart issues from Age Six

Young Attacks: Not Just Family History But Lifestyle Matters

Young adults are prone to heart attacks not just because they have a family history of cardio issues but they are more related to...

Zero gender-based violence, preventable maternal death, unmet need for family planning.

The world is in need of zero gender-based violence, zero preventable maternal death and Zero unmet need for family planning. In a bid to...