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Without healthy planet, there can be no healthy economies: ILO

With the countries across the world plunged into recession, the International Labour Organisation along with the World Wide Fund for Nature opined that the...

No new coal for cleaner, greener economies: UN

Stating that nine out of every ten people breathe unclean air, UN Secretary General António Guterres said that the extent of this challenge required...
Make Sure Afghanistan Is Never Used By Terrorist organizations: UN

Inequality destroys world’s economies and societies

n strong words, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has said that Inequality, an issue which “defines our time”, risked destroying the world’s economies and societies. “COVID-19...
Sugar-coated strip advances COVID-19 testing

COVID 19 With US for The Foreseeable Future

Is COVID-19 going to be with us "for the foreseeable future"? Yes, it is going to be and the World Health Organisation has shared...
Universities Facing Existential Crisis

Universities Facing Existential Crisis

  The universities in advanced economies are facing a number of existential issues in the wake of COVID 19, which makes them look at the...
Infosys, Fastest Growing IT Brand

India Sets Ambitious IT Goal

Setting out an ambitious target of achieving 300 billion dollar worth of electronics manufacturing by 2026, India released a five year roadmap and Vision...
Labour Market Continues To Struggle; ILO

Labour Market Continues To Struggle; ILO  

As the world is seeing an increase in COVID-19 and its variants, global labour markets continue to struggle and the recovery seems slow, according...
Inequality Persists; Gulf Between Haves, Have-nots Widen

Inequality Persists; Gulf Between Haves, Have-nots Widen

The world's ten richest men more than doubled their fortunes from 700 billion dollars to 1.5 trillion dollars (at a rate of 15,000 dollars...
Inequality Persists; Gulf Between Haves, Have-nots Widen

Global Recovery Is Set To Decelerate Amid Continued COVID

Global growth will slow down over the next two the next two years and global recovery is set to decelerate amid continued COVID-19 flare-ups,...
Omicron Survives Eight Days in Plastic, 21 Hrs In Skin

Spread Of Covid 19 Put Breaks on Economic Recovery

The rapid spread of the Omicron COVID-19 variant has put the brakes on a rapid recovery, counteracting signs of solid growth at the end...