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Soccer Players At Heightened Risk of Neuro diseases

Soccer Players At Heightened Risk of Neuro diseases

Elite male Soccer Players were 1.5 times more likely to develop neurodegenerative disease compared to population controls, said an observational study published in The Lancet Public Health journal.
US Not Ready for Future Zoonotic Diseases

US Not Ready for Future  Zoonotic Diseases

The United States, which is the largest importer of wildlife in the world, is not prepared for future spread of zoonotic diseases...
2022 Saw More Casualty In Disasters

Flood; Millions In Asia At Higher Risk of Deadly Diseases

After unprecedented floods hitting many parts of Asia, people in the region are at high risk of deadly diseases such as malaria,...
Pathogenic Diseases mosquito

Pathogenic Diseases Exacerbated by Climate Change; Study

Climate Change has already driven the severity and frequency of climate hazards like flooding, heat waves and wild fires, which has only...
Covid remains a Global Concern in 2021

Spike In Brain Diseases Post Covid

Covid pandemic has significantly impacted the incidence of various brain diseases in India and its full effects are going to be visible...
Close Monitoring Of Wildlife Trade For keeping Zoonotic Diseases Away

Close Monitoring Of Wildlife Trade For keeping Zoonotic Diseases Away

COVID-19 pandemic and its suspected wild animal origins have spurred fresh consideration of how to reduce zoonotic disease risks associated with wild...
Detecting diabetes, heart issues from Age Six

Stress and heart diseases

Are people who are sensitive stress hormones are at a greater risk of developing heart diseases? A new study showed that there is much...
Women Much Depressed In Covid Times

Suspend Sales of Live Wild Animals to Prevent Deadly Diseases

The World Health Organization (WHO) and partners have called for suspending sales of live wild mammals in traditional food markets (wet markets) to prevent...

Climate change and infectious diseases of equal concern

People around the world are equally concerned about climate change as well as the spread of infectious diseases. A new study by Pew Research...

Loss of forests increase risk of zoonotic diseases

Majority of new infectious diseases affecting humans, including COVID-19, are zoonotic and their emergence is linked to habitat loss due to forest area change...