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Inequalities in Asia-Pacific’s Pursuit of Sustainable Development

Explore the latest report from ESCAP highlighting the uneven progress and persistent inequalities in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across Asia-Pacific. Delve into the challenges faced by marginalized groups and the urgent need for targeted interventions to ensure inclusive development.
A staggering 110 million people are forcibly displaced worldwide due to war, persecution, and violence, surpassing the population of Germany. Children bear a disproportionate burden, accounting for 40% of the total, with 43.3 million young lives disrupted by the global displacement crisis as of May 2023.

Invest In Sustainable Development to Address Forced Displacement

UNDP advocates for global investment in sustainable development to tackle the forced displacement crisis, emphasizing the need for support to refugee-hosting countries. Join the call for renewed global solidarity at the Global Refugee Forum.
PCI Revolutionizes Economic Measurement and Policy Development

PCI Revolutionizes Economic Measurement and Policy Development

Countries can now make more accurate diagnostics and measurements of their economic performance, thanks to UNCTAD’s Productive Capacities Index (PCI) launched on June 20.
A political storm has erupted as a G20 Summit dinner invitation bears the name 'President of Bharat,' breaking away from the customary 'President of India' title. The move has triggered sharp reactions, with the opposition alleging a possible name change for India to Bharat, framing it as an "assault" on the unity of states. In contrast, ruling parties celebrate the shift as a step towards breaking free from a colonial mindset—a concept championed by Prime Minister Nanrednra Modi in his Independence Day address.

G20 Expert Group on Strengthening Multilateral Development Banks

Under the aegis of India’s G20 Presidency, a G20 Expert Group on “Strengthening Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) has been constituted.
About 333 million children, or 1 in 6, live in extreme poverty, enduring conditions of deprivation that encompass basic needs, dignity, opportunities

Covid 19: Social/emotional development of Poor Children Much Affected

A lot of studies have come come up on how children, especially those from the poor countries, were doing at the time...
Creative Economy, a New Path to Development

Creative Economy, a New Path to Development

Creative economy, which is one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors, offers a feasible development option to all countries, especially developing economies, according...
A devastating report published by the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine sheds light on the harrowing toll that the ongoing conflict has taken on Ukrainian civilians. Since the conflict erupted in February 2022, nearly 10,000 individuals have lost their lives, and tens of thousands have been wounded, painting a bleak picture of the impact of Russia's full-scale invasion.

Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus Need of the Hour in Ukraine

Three weeks into war, Ukraine is falling into poverty and about 90 per cent of the population could be facing poverty and...

5G network is in its final stages of development: Minister

India is participating in the development of 6G standards of telecommunications even as the 5G network is in its final stages of development. ''The country...

A lost decade; development gains for the poor reversed

Covid 19 pandemic is dividing the world more sharply even as the development gains for millions in poor countries are reversed, the United Nations...

Development/ good governance know no caste or language; Modi

Quoting the great Malayalam poet Kumaranashan “I am not asking our caste Sister, I ask for water, I am thirsty,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi...