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Depression leads to Lower Likelihood of Having Children

Depression leads to Lower Likelihood of Having Children

Is depression related to the likelihood of having children in both men and women? Yes. A new study said that both are...
How Far Dads are Affected by Postpartum Depression?

How Far Dads are Affected by Postpartum Depression?

The conception that postpartum depression only affects mothers is gone now. A recent study shows that fathers, too come under postpartum depression....
Several Democracies See Social Media as Mostly Good

Stop Social media For a Week To Get Out of Depression  

Can you stop using social media for at least one week? Well, if you say 'yes', then you have better chance of...
Changing the Way for Health Financing

Depression and Anxiety Ruled Health Workers During COVID-19

The world appreciated the work of Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers at the time of Covid 19. But what about their...

Corona increase risk of depression in Moms

Pregnant women and new moms already have many issues in the perinatal period. With covid pandemic gripping the whole world, they are a higher...

Global economy to see the worst depression since World War II; World Bank

The World Bank has cautioned that the coronavirus pandemic will have adverse impact on the global economy this year with the economy shrinking by...
Sexual Violence Leads to Poor Reproductive/ health outcomes

Corona: India not yet ready for the Great Depression coming with Great Recession

Corona must have hit you badly. You are lucky to survive the deadly disease. But you may end up with a cut in salary...
11 Minutes Intensive Physical Activity Saves the Heart

Exercise can lower depression risks

Exercise is good not just for your physical health, but for mental health too. A study has found that those who were physically active were...

More screen time not causing depression among teenagers: Research

Contrary to the common criticism that more usage of social media is causing depression among the teenagers, a recent study has found that the...
Quit Smoking for better Mental Health

Quit Smoking for better Mental Health

If you are a smoker and feel you are at a loss of memory, better quit smoking. A new study shows quitting smoking improves mental health outcomes among people with and without mental health disorders.