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One pregnant woman or new-born dies every 7 seconds

In a First, Surgeons Repair Malformation in the Brain of the Foetus

In a first of its kind, surgeons successfully repaired a major malformation in the brain of a foetus. The surgeons from Boston Children's Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital in the US used a surgical technique called embolization to treat a rare prenatal condition. Called vein of Galen Malformation, the vascular abnormality permits blood to flow dangerously fast through part of the brain after the child is born.
11 Minutes Intensive Physical Activity Saves the Heart

Exercise Intensively for 6 Minutes and Boost Your Brain

A few minutes, well, just six minutes of intensive exercise, is enough to boost the brain functioning and memory, according to a...
In a bid to protect people everywhere from infection disease threats, through the power of pathogen genomics, the World Health Organisation (WHO) launched a new global network named International Pathogen Surveillance Network (IPSN).

Spike In Brain Diseases Post Covid

Covid pandemic has significantly impacted the incidence of various brain diseases in India and its full effects are going to be visible...
How Socioeconomics is Linked To Brain?

How Socioeconomics is Linked To Brain?

In a major development, a group of researchers have linked how environment, genetics and socioeconomic status influence brain function.
How Socioeconomics is Linked To Brain?

Toxic Particles Get Directly To Brain

The toxic particles that we breathe in through polluted air directly gets into the brain from the lungs, according to a new...
How far social isolation affects the brain?

How far social isolation affects the brain?

A new study, published in Neurology, shows that social isolation is linked to changes in brain structure and cognition. This is much...
How Socioeconomics is Linked To Brain?

Thoughts On Human Brain Temperature

Does human brain temperature vary a lot? That is true. A new research found that normal human brain temperature varies much more...
How Socioeconomics is Linked To Brain?

Scanning Brain For Political Affiliation

Can one understand the political behaviour of a person by looking solely at the brain? A new study shows that brain scans...
Death from Stroke to Increase to Nearly 5 Million By 2030

counterintuitive approach to treating a brain cancer

The loss of the tumor suppressor gene PTEN has been linked to tumor growth and chemotherapy resistance in the almost invariably lethal brain cancer...
Death from Stroke to Increase to Nearly 5 Million By 2030

Brain region associated with feeling full after eating identified

You might have felt full or satiated after a meal. But what causes this was complicated and not well understood. A group of researchers...