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5-year imprisonment for killing Animals; 3 for committing “gruesome cruelty”

5-year imprisonment for killing Animals; 3 for committing “gruesome cruelty”

As instances of animal cruelty in India witnesses a surge, the government decided to overhaul the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act-1960,...
Elephants Prefer Paths to Their Favourite Food

Animals Living Long And Having Few Offspring Less Vulnerable to Weather

It is not just humans but animals also face adverse impact of climate change. But how does climate change affect the animals?...

Animals and Pets Can Distinguish Positive/Negative Sounds

Can animals and pets distinguish between positive and negative sounds from their fellow species and human? A recent study has pointed out...
Women Much Depressed In Covid Times

Suspend Sales of Live Wild Animals to Prevent Deadly Diseases

The World Health Organization (WHO) and partners have called for suspending sales of live wild mammals in traditional food markets (wet markets) to prevent...
Growth of Airlines and Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

Over 45,000 animals, plants illegally trafficked in one month

Over 1.3 tonnes of ivory and over one tonne of pangolin scales. This makes a small amount of the seizures of protected wildlife and...
More Species Threatened Than in Red List

Not just humans but animals also face Covid-19 threat

It is not just human beings who are facing the threat of Covid -19. A new study has claimed that about 26 animals that...

Livelihoods that depend on animals becoming less: FAO

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said that improving animal health should be an integral part of the strategies aimed at food security and...
CO2 emission Spiked in 2021; Study

Three billion animals killed in Australia Bush fire

Nearly three billion animals were killed or displaced in Australia’s devastating bush fires of 2019 and 2020, according to an interim report entitled Australia's...

More animals in Arctic region slow down global warming  

Animals such as reindeer, bison and horses could save the word from global warming and also save the Arctic, according a recent study. The...

Chemical communication, a lesser known fact about animals  

For the first time, lizards are found to produce repeated chemical signals, especially to attract the other mate. Chemical signals between animals were less...