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Loneliness and Type 2 Diabetes

How Far is Diabetes Affordable in the United States?

Is Insulin affordable and easy accessible in the United States? This question arises when looking at a new Human Rights Watch (HRW)...
Military Expenditure See a New high

Imports of Arms by European States Increase

Imports of arms by European states increased by 47 per cent in almost ten years, while the global level of international arms...
When Are People With Covid 19 Infectious?

Corona Tests: Iceland, United Arab Emirates lead among nations

The Middle East Countries have done maximum number of average testings to keep the coronavirus at bay, though Iceland as a country has done...
Loka Kerala Sabha; Over 25,000 to 100,000 dollars to sit close to Pinarayi?

Loka Kerala Sabha; Over 25,000 to 100,000 dollars to sit close to Pinarayi?

The Loka Kerala Sabha, a Non-resident Keralites convention, to be held in the United States of America this month, has sparked a controversy over money being charged from ‘pravasis’ to stand or sit close to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan during the three-day event. As the Congress led opposition has come up against the convention, the ruling denied the allegations, of fund raising.
71% Asian Restaurants in the US Serve Chinese, Japanese or Thai Food

71% Asian Restaurants in US Serve Chinese, Japanese, Thai Food

Around seven-in-ten of all Asian restaurants in the United States serve Chinese, Japanese and Thai foods. However, restaurants serving other types of Asian food are less widely distributed.
Experience of Being a Mother

Experience of Being a Mother

In the United States, more women delay motherhood but stay in the labour force after their children are born. Apart from this, working mothers take on more care giving responsibilities at home, than fathers do, revealed a survey by the Pew Research centre.
Oldest and Youngest World Leaders

Oldest and Youngest World Leaders

Who is the oldest leader in the world who is at the helm of a country? Joe Biden became the only United States president to turn 80 in Office.

Ocean Climate Action Plan; The Priorities of US

The United States released its Ocean Climate Action Plan, the first-ever government-wide strategy to maximize the power of the ocean to combat climate change.
The Kakhovka dam Crisis

The Kakhovka dam Crisis

Tens of thousands of civilians in Ukraine are in danger on the frontline after the collapse of the Kakhovka dam, which triggered a blame game between Russia and Ukraine.
Nine Percent Adults Identify Themselves as LGBT

Nine Percent Adults Identify Themselves as LGBT

An average of nine per cent adults in 30 countries identifies themselves as LGBT, with sharp generational differences, according to a recent survey by IPSOS.