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Digital Payments Are the Preferred Way in the U.S. to Send Money Abroad

South Asia Comes With Low Intraregional Business

South Asia regions low levels of intraregional economic engagement, which is only 5-6% of the total trade, has badly hit the consumers, workers, firms...
A Chancellor and Kerala Government’s Dilemma

South Asian Children See Inequities in Learning Opportunities 

Eighty per cent of the children in India aged 14 to 18 years reported to have low levels of learning when they are physically...

South Asia saw around 2.39 lakh child deaths in Covid time

About 2.39 lakh child deaths and 11,000 maternal deaths might have recorded in South Asia in 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic disruptions on health...
Children With Disabilities Need Equal Opportunities

Covid 19 to have larger impact on South Asian Children: UNICEF

The COVID-19 pandemic in South Asia that houses a quarter of the world’s population will have longer impacts on the health, education and other...

India, South Asia Countries at Covid explosion risk: WHO

South Asia, which has witnessed an increase of the coronavirus for the last several weeks, is at the risk of covid 19 explosion, according...

UN outlines path to sustainable, inclusive recovery in Southeast Asia

Tackling inequality, greening the economy, bridging the digital divide, upholding human rights and good governance will be critical for Southeast Asia to recover from...
2020 Cost Asia Hard; Heavy toll on infrastructure/ecosystems

2020 Cost Asia Hard; Heavy toll on infrastructure/ecosystems

Extreme weather and climate change across Asia in 2020 caused loss of thousands of life, displaced millions, cost hundreds of billions of dollars, and...

Asians to become largest immigrant group in the US by 2055      

The United States has more migrants in the world with the country witnessing about a million immigrants reaching the country each year. The population...

Asian region to see only a slight growth; ADB

Asia will only have a slight growth of 0.1 per cent 2020 with coronavirus pandemic hampering conomic activity and weakening external demand, according to...
Kashmiri willow bats get ICC approval

Kashmiri willow bats get ICC approval

By Qiesar Baba It took 29-year-old Fauzul Kabeer one-and-a-half-year of unceasing efforts to finally get his cricket bats made of Kashmiri willow approved by the...