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Wagner Group and Russian’s Takeover of Bakhmut

Wagner Group and Russian’s Takeover of Bakhmut

On May 20, 2023, Russia claimed to have taken control of the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, which had been the epicentre of intense fighting. President Vladimir Putin praised his troops and the private mercenary group Wagner for their alleged success. However, Ukraine denied this and claimed that battle was ongoing, describing the situation as "critical."
Victory Day Celebrations: What Russia Had for Ukraine?

Victory Day Celebrations: What Russia Had for Ukraine?

May 9 commemorates the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, and is widely celebrated as Victory Day. Not just Russia but several European countries celebrate Victory Day. However, the war in Ukraine undermines the celebrations this year. A day ahead of the day, Russia launched a wave of drone, missile and air strikes on Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities.
Americans See China-Russia Partnership as Very Serious

US See China-Russia Partnership as Very Serious

A large majority of people in the US (83%) continue to have negative views of China, and the share who have very unfavorable views (44%) increased by 4 percentage points since last year, according to PEW Research Centre.
Russian Tactical Nuclear WEAPONS arhead to Belarus; What it means

Russian Tactical Nuclear Weapons to Belarus; What it means?

Russia on March 27, 2023,said it would not change its plans of deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, the neighbouringcountry and a key ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin despite the growing criticisms globally. Two days ago,Putin had declared that his country would stationsome of the tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.
Wagner Group and Russian’s Takeover of Bakhmut

Russian Forces To Face More Challenges in Ukraine; US Report 

Claiming that Russia’s military operation against Ukraine has not yielded the outcome that President Vladimir Putin had expected, a US report said...
Russia declared that it was suspending all its participation in the New START treaty — the last remaining nuclear arms control pact with the United States.

New START Treaty; What Russia’s Suspension Means?

With Russia-Ukraine war moving into second year, and entire Europe as well as the United States giving its full support to Ukraine,...
Weapons Pour Into Ukraine; Peace Gloomy

Leopard 2 tank, and how could it help Ukraine against Russia?

Pressure is mounting on Germany to deliver the most sophisticated battle tanks, Leopard 2, to Ukriane  even as the Ukraine leadership hopes...
Black Sea Grain; Food Cost came Down But Still At All Time High

Russia Suspending Grain Deal leads to Extreme Hunger; IRC 

With Russia suspending its participation in the UN-brokered grain deal, the world is a worried lot with fears that it would lead...
Wagner Group and Russian’s Takeover of Bakhmut

Russia, NATO and a Global Catastrophe

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned of global catastrophe if any direct contact or direct clash of NATO troops with the Russian...
Wagner Group and Russian’s Takeover of Bakhmut

Russian Revenge On Ukraine Against Crimea Bridge Explosion

After weeks of setbacks, Russia on Monday ( October 10, 2022) bombed several cities across Ukraine, hitting civilian targets and damaging infrastructure,...