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3 Year Air Pollution Increase Risk of Cancer

Europe Needs More Cancer Care or Could Face Cancer Epidemic

Europe will see a cancer epidemic in the next decade if weaknesses in cancer health systems and cancer research are not urgently...
When Are People With Covid 19 Infectious?

States Asked to Declare Black Fungus as Epidemic

The Centre asked the States and Union Territories to declare of Mucormycosis or black Fungus an epidemic under the Epidemic Disease Act, 1897....

Coronavirus and history of epidemics

The world has come to a halt and several countries have declared health emergencies. And this is all because of the deadly coronavirus, which...

IPSN to Detect And Prevent Infectious Disease Threats

In a bid to protect people everywhere from infection disease threats, through the power of pathogen genomics, the World Health Organisation (WHO) launched a new global network named International Pathogen Surveillance Network (IPSN).
No Evidence That Certain Weather Conditions Precludes Transmission

No Evidence That Certain Weather Conditions Precludes Transmission

Studies from the first two and a half years of the COVID-19 pandemic indicate that the influence of meteorology and air quality on disease transmission have been secondary compared to the influence of non-pharmaceutical interventions, vaccination campaigns, changing immunity profiles, introduction of variants, and behavioural dynamics. This comes up in World Meteorological Organization’s COVID-19 final report.
J &K Is On The Powder Keg Of Drug Addiction

J &K Is On The Powder Keg Of Drug Addiction

Jammu and Kashmir is in the grip of an epidemic and the biggest victims of this epidemic are the youth. Expressing concern over the usage of drugs, experts said that the eradication of drug addiction needs a multi-pronged approach.
PRET; The Preparation For Future Pandemics

PRET; The Preparation For Future Pandemics

With the world still reeling under zoonotic and other influenza, the WHO has come up with a new initiative that provides guidance on integrated planning for responding to any respiratory pathogen such as influenza or coronaviruses.

Oral sex is now the leading risk factor for throat cancer

Oral sex is fueling an 'epidemic' of throat cancers in the US and UK, a new study says. Dr...
Changing the Way for Health Financing

Rising Burden Of Non – Communicable Diseases In India

India is experiencing a rapid health transition with a rising burden of Non - Communicable Diseases (NCD) surpassing the burden of communicable...
Four Harmful Producing Industries Account for One third Global Deaths

Govts Need to Adapt Their Health Systems to Future Shocks

In the wake of concern about future epidemics and zoonotic diseases, governments should urgently adapt their health systems to better respond to...