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Covaxin neutralises multiple variants of Coronavirus. ICMR

Covaxin neutralises multiple variants of Coronavirus; ICMR

Bharat Biotech's COVID-19 vaccine Covaxin neutralises multiple variants of Coronavirus and works in a better way against the double mutant strain, according to Indian...
540 Mammalian Species Can Spread Covid 19

Monsoon and winter to be testing time for India in controlling Coronavirus

India will face a greater challenge in controlling the spread of coronavirus in the coming months when the country moves through the phases of...

Coronavirus leads to repercussions on food security, nutrition and livelihoods

The coronavirus pandemic not only has far-reaching and multifaceted impacts on societies and economies, but also could aggravate existing instabilities and lead to new...

Adult Children transmits coronavirus as adults do

The role of children in spreading the coronavirus has been widely discussed and debated. Earlier it was believed that the children had no role...

Antibodies from llams can offset Coronavirus; study

In a major development, researchers have found that two small, stable antibody variants derived from South American mammal’s llams can offset Coronavirus. The researchers,...

Air filters to check Coronavirus

Can air filters trap and kill viruses, especially the coronavirus? A few scientists in the United States have come up with a "catch and...

Why children tend to be less affected with Coronavirus?

  Differences in immune function and lung physiology in children are said to be the reason why children are not affected by the coronavirus. A...

China, not India or even US, may first launch coronavirus vaccine

Despite India’s claim to roll out the first vaccine for coronavirus by August 15, China may in fact launch the much-awaited shot, if the...

Evidence emerging on airborne spread of coronavirus: WHO

After hundreds of scientists wrote to the World Health Organisation (WHO) about the airborne spread of coronavirus, the world body has admitted that the...

IIT Delhi claims Haritaki and tea have potential to fight coronavirus

Tea and Haritaki, which is commonly called Harad, is claimed to have the potential to act as therapeutic options against Coronavirus infection. A new...