No Death Data of Farmers; Government wants To Wish Away

No Death Data of Farmers; Government wants To Wish Away

Prime Minister Narendra Modi appologised to the nation on Farm Bills and said that a mistake has been made. But when coming to the question on the number of farmers died as part of the year long agitation and compensation to them, the Centre says that it has no record of the farmers who died and hence no compensation.

A controversial statement, the opposition and the agitating farmers under the Samyukta Kisan Morcha took it as an insult on the farmers of the country. The government that has record of all the deaths and vaccinations with respect to Covid 19 is alleged to have taken a lie on the farmer’s issue. In Covid vaccination numbers recorded on a daily basis, the government had a clear vision in projecting its good governance and the way a pandemic was handled before the world. However, when calculating the deaths of farmers, which come to less than a thousand, the government has no figures, which seemed a paradox.


The Modi government that had already bowed before the agitating farmers does not want to embarrass itself again by giving compensation. Once given compensation, it would mean that the BJP led Modi Government has completely surrendered to the agitators and that they were at fault for the year long agitation. In reality, Modi government has already surrendered before the farmers once the Prime Minister appologised to the nation and withdrew the farm laws, though the laws were as some point out withdrawn with elections in view.

Even when the government decided to withdraw the farm laws, several hardcore BJP leaders and sympathisers had seen it as a bitter pill. They had raised many controversial statements against the agitating farmer leaders. A shift after a year was not something they could digest.


At the time of the agitation, the government had come out with many statements and had come out with data on the farming population and the agitators. The Modi government said that it had data showing the agitators were only rich farmers, who were misleading the poor farmers. The government said it had data in hand that all the agitators were not farmers but middlemen. Apart from this, the government also said that it had data about anti-national elements infiltrating the protests. When the government had all data with respect to the farmers’ agitation from the beginning, it is highly doubtful how the government forgot to collect the number of the farmers killed and injured during the agitation. Moreover, it does not come in lakhs and only 700 or more were killed that could have been counted. However, the government says that it has no data; a real paradox.

It is quite controversial why the government wants to hide all the facts. When the government has its own mechanism like the Police, Crime record Bureaus, where has the government purposefully gone wrong? The police and the Bureau cannot go wrong in reporting about the activities and even on the counts.

When it comes to all wrongs, the government does not have any data. When the country was reeling under oxygen shortage during covid 19, it was only the government that had no data of the shortage.


The farmers who died are citizens of the country and no anti- national. These farmers had been part of an agitation that wanted to get things in the right manner, which was proved with the revoking of the farm laws and even the prime minister stating that a mistake has been made. When the Prime Minister himself stating that a mistake has been made, the farmers have proved right. In such a scenario, it is a shame and embarrassing that the government says it has no data on the farmers killed during the agitation and no compensation could be given to the families of the dead. The government has a responsibility to the people of the country; the farmers are true nationals and citizens of this country.


The controversy erupted after Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar told Parliament on Wednesday that the government had “no record” of farmers who died during their agitation. Soon after, senior congress leader Rahul Gandhi hit out at the government for saying it had no data on farmer deaths. Rahul Gandhi accused the government of lacking “humanity” and being “arrogant”. He said that he had data of around 700 farmers who died during the protest. He also mentioned that Congress led Punjab government was giving compensation to families of at least 400 farmers.

On denying compensation, the Congress leadership was vociferous, stating that the prime minister himself has said that a mistake has been made. It was because of the mistake that around 700 farmers lost their life and the government is not ready to give compensation for this mistake, the leaders had pointed out.

The Samyukta Kisan Morcha pointed out that the Centre had insulted the huge sacrifices made by protesting farmers.



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