Modern medical Systems Failed To Provide Alternative Protocol To Manage COVID?

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Modern medical systems have so far failed to come out with an alternative protocol against Covid. All medications directed to manage corona virus have been seriously questioned and many have been declared as not suitable.  The present complications that have taken the shape of an epidemic with more disastrous consequences are now exposed to be the result of treatment options adopted

What Has Gone WRONG ?

India should never have adopted the WHO clinical trial named the Solidarity Protocol. It recommended drugs that have resulted in deaths in clinical trials and rejected. These failed and unsafe products were looking for a market, which the WHO offered them on a platter.

India should have thoroughly investigated the disease. Failure to do so and imposing a veil of secrecy has not served people’s interest. The country should have imposed all restrictions on the private sector. This would have prevented the huge inhuman exploitation that took place and still continues.

There should have been a rigorous audit of the WHO clinical trial. Why was the clinical trial not done?

There have been medics/experts at national and international levels who have tried things differently and succeeded. Why was this phenomenon not studied?

As soon as the WHO declared that the Solidarity Protocol has failed the country should have jumped into devising other modes of treatment. It is amazing that this did not happen.

At every stage there were players of various shades predicting a vicious second wave. Why were they not questioned about why they were so cocksure?

If military analysts clearly pointed at bioterrorism, why has the medical system remained silent on the issue?

It ultimately took a few Medics to expose the rot but it came too late and even now there is little effort to change .At no stage was there an attempt to check the lobbyists. They were at the forefront everywhere. The whole process was experimental. It is inconceivable that the Govt approved holistic systems that presented evidence of prevention, treatment, and cure were deliberately forbidden to treat cases
Modern medical systems; what Is needed ?
  • As aggressive treatment has failed, a sensible and patient approach is required
  • Individualized treatment is necessary.
  • The  underlying comorbidities should be concentrated upon. The inherent strength and vitality of the patient should guide treatment. There cannot be solo based prescriptions for all .
  • Elimination symptoms like rashes, diarrhoea, cough, expectoration should not be aggressively hindered but allowed to the extent possible
  • Attacking the fever has been most injudicious. Fever is a sign that the body is actively dealing with the condition. Suppressing it severely compromises the body’s ability and attempt to heal
  • Hydration should be a prime strategy.
  • The body’s nutrition needs must be ensured through fruit juices .If there is no appetite solid food should not be forced
  • As far as possible home based treatment should be resorted to. Hospitals and ICUs are known sources of serious secondary infections as are evident now.
  • The atmosphere of fear should be eliminated and replaced by a sympathetic humane approach.
  • The above treatment can be provided free as very little expenses are involved and there is almost no chance of exploitation
  • The approved holistic systems must be provided full freedom and unshackled


Most important the pharmaceutical lobby that is pushing an experimental yet to be formally approved product should be checked. It is already complicating matters and will prove to be disastrous in the mid and long run. We cannot sell the country to Big Pharma however powerful it may be.People should wake up and demand the right approach.They have laws on their side that have to be exercised. The inequalities of the medical world is dominating .This anomaly should be proactively rectified.

(Dr Naresh Purohit  is Executive Member, Federation of Hospital Administrator. He is also advisor to the National Communicable Disease Control Programme. Dr. Purohit is also Advisor to six other National Health Programmes. He is visiting Professor in five Medical Universities of  Southern India including Thrissur based  Kerala University of Health Sciences. (The views and opinion expressed in this article are those of the author)


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