7 long years for GI Tag for Thanjavur Netti Works

It was a long seven years wait for the artisans of Tamil Nadu to get a Geographical Indication tag for Thanjavur Netti Works and Arambavur Wood Carvings. TamilNadu Handicrafts Development Corporation(Poompuhar) submitted the application for getting the GI Tag in 2013.

Products from a particular geographical region is given the GI tag. This tag prevents the misuse of the popularity of the products from the region. Thanjavur Netti Works and Arambavur Wood Carvings belong to villages of Thanjavur and Perambalur.

Thanjavur Netti Works is made from Netti (pith) from a marshy plant known as Aeschynomene Aspera. The art form is a traditional one and transferred from one generation to the next. The Netti Works are found in Brihadeeshwara Temple, Idols, door hangings and decorative pieces.

The Arumbavur wood carvings belong to artisans of Perambalur. Lingam tree, Mango, Indian Ash tree, Neem tree and Rosewood are used for making sculptures. The woods are mainly sourced from Pachamalai Hills along the Tiruchy- Perambalur border and the Thanjavur-Kumbakonam belt.

Arumbavur wood carvings can be seen in several temple cars in the temples of Ariyalur, Cuddalore, Perambalur, Tiruchy, Villupuram, Salem, Thanjavur and Madurai districts. A unique characteristic of this craft is that the whole design is carved out of a single block of wood and a minute error will damage the whole work.


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