Kerala Positive: 62 year old walks home after 48 days of corona treatment

After 48 days of treatment for Coronavirus, Shirley walked out of the Kozhencherry district hospital at Pathanamthitta amidst applause of the health workers at the hospital. She is perhaps the longest Coronavirus patient to have spent such a long time in hospital in the country.

It was reported that she had tested positive for the coronavirus about 20 times after she was admitted.  However, her last two tests were negative and as such discharged. Now she would have to undergo a quarantine period of another 14 days.

Shirley and her family had been close to a family who had come from Italy. The family who came from Italy tested positive. Shirley was hospitalised on March 8 and she tested positive two days later. She had only showed minor symptoms of the infection. But she had high cholesterol and blood pressure, which was a risk factor.

Coming out of the hospital after 48 days, she said that the doctors, nurse and other staff had looked after her with much care and attention. Shirley said that she was also so eager to meet her family. Her daughter who had tested positive recovered and was discharged much earlier.



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