31% of people recover from Covid-19 globally; Indian rate at 25%

Kerala not for complete Covid lock down; Cases remain high

With one third of Covid-19 patients recovering from the world, many countries are showing better recovery rates, hinting at a global slowdown in the number of cases.

According to John Hopkins University data, 10,14,916 out of the total 32,57,600 people infected with coronavirus disease have recovered as on May 1. It means that the recovery rate is 31.15%.

India has also caught up with the world average almost, with 25.87% recovery rate. Out of the total 35043 cases, 9068 have recovered, according to the data available as of now. The Union Ministry had claimed that the fight against the virus has gone ahead, even as the country looked at the possibility of lockdown 3.0.

Some countries except the United States, which were badly affected, have also staged a good recovery rate. Germany leads the list with 75%, as 123500 out of the total 163009 infected people beating the disease. In Spain, as many as 112050 out of the total cases of 213435 are free from the disease now, with 52.49% recovery rate.

Italy is also picking up with 36% recovery. A total of 2,05,463 were infected and 75,955 have recovered. Similarly, France also made a good recovery, with 50 380 recoveries out of the total 1,67, 299 infected cases.

China, the epicentre of the disease, has almost gone free from the disease with 93% of the cases fully recovered. However, the situation in the United States is still bleak with just 14% recoveries. Out of the total 10,69,826 cases, only 1,53,947 people have recovered. The US accounts for 33% of the total cases across the world.


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