2000 to 2019 – Children gets better life

262 million children out of school the world over

The children of today are better off than two decades ago with at least 280 million children to be having a better life. The situation of children in 173 countries of the 176 countries has improved since 2000, according to the Global Childhood Report published by Save the Children.

The report says that 970 million children in 2000 were robbed off their childhood. Malnutrition, ill-health, child marriage, child labour and lack of education were some of the causes that led to the children suffer in 2000. Noting that the situation has drastically changed in the last two decades, the report says that many of the countries had achieved great strides in bringing down under 5 mortality rate.

Apart from this, many of the countries have seen to it that the children get enrolled in schools. The number of child marriages and child labour has come down in many of the countries, Save the Children said and added that all these have led the children to have a better life. .

Despite all the progress in several areas, the report points out that child homicide and adolescent births still pose a challenge.

In the report, Save the Children says that the three powerful countries — US, Russia and China – have not made much progress with respect to children. In performance chart, the study says that the US and China are in 36th position and Russia in 38th position when talking of child care and well being. Of the 80 countries that has brought down under five mortality rate, 69 of them are developing countries, the study says.

The Global Childhood Report has demanded the countries to increase their investment in children and to make sure that children remained priority in Sustainable development Goals.


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