168 million and more needed for humanitarian assistance



With about 168 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in 2020, the United Nations has called for humanitarian aid of nearly 29 million dollars from its member states. The UN says that the assistance was needed in the wake of conflicts, extreme weather conditions and economic slowdown pushing the millions to the brink of survival.

It is estimated that help and protection is needed for people in more than 50 countries. It has been said that one in every 45 people the world over is in need of shelter, education, health care, protection and other basic needs. Stating that the United Nations and its partners were providing all help to millions of people world over, Secretary General Antonio Gueterres has urged the member states to donate for meeting the challenges.

The United Nations says that the number of people who are in need of assistance has increased by about 22 million over the last year. Pointing out that 2020 would be difficult for the millions of people the world over, Emergency Relief Coordinator mark Lowcock said that there was good response to the call for humanitarian assistance. Moreover, he said that the assistance has been reaching the most vulnerable sections of people such as women, children and people with disabilities. He also said that the people are quite willing to help those in distress for building a living.


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