12-year-old Hyderabad boy gets job as data scientist with MNC

Data science may be viewed tough to crack even for grown-up people But, 12-year-old boy from Hyderabad has shown us that nothing is impossible, if there is a strong will.

Siddharth Srivastav Pilliai, a class 7 student of Sri Chaitanya School, Hyderabad was recently selected for the position at Montaigne Smart Business Solutions, after being encouraged by his parents from an early age.

“I am 12 years old and I work as a data scientist in a software company called Montaigne Smart Business Solutions. I study in Sri-Chaitanya Techno Schools in the 7th Class,” he was quoted as saying in the media.

The biggest inspiration for joining a software company for him was Tanmay Bakshi who got a job in Google at a very young age as a developer and is helping the world understand how beautiful the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is.

And he admits that his father instilled in him the love and passion for coding from a very tender age. The father introduced the biographies of great men and encouraged him. The father was his teacher in coding initially.

Like many of his friends and peers, he was also so much addicted to online and video games. But, unlike other game aficionados, he dreamt about making one game one day and spent his time in learning the codes, which finally took him where he is now.

He says that his goal in the life is to become an entrepreneur and start something good for the people and the world through his venture. Do something for the society as an entrepreneur is driving him now.


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