12 million green canopy lost; earth health at stake

The world has lost 12 million hectares of forest land in the last one year, which is considered to be the highest loss after yearly data collection of the green canopy began in 2001

The researchers who have come up with the data say that the greatest concern is with respect to the disappearance of 3.6 million hectares of rain forest, which is almost the size of Brazil.
The data from the Global Forest Watch has revealed that deforestation is at its worst and the planet’s health is at stake.

The forests that stand against climate change are being lost bat a fast pace and needed correctils.
The data shows that Indonesia and Brazil led in the loss of primary forest area. Both the countries accounted for 46 per cent of rainforest loss last year. In 2002, they have made up 72 per cent of the loss. In Brazil, 13,47,132 hectares of forest, 4,81,248 hectares in Congo and 3,99,888 hectares in Indonesia were lost apart from the loss in other countries.

Apart from Brazil, the other South American countries such as Columbia, Peru and Bolivia also witnessed an increased decrease in forest cover. Sub Saharan Africa also faced major deforestation.

The data also shows that Suriname, Micronesia, Gabon, Seychelles, Palau, American Samoa, Laos, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea have the largest forest cover with respect their percentage of land. The top ten countries that have the largest forest cover are Russia, Brazil, Canada, America, China, Congo, Australia, Indonesia, Peru and India.

The Global Forest Watch was established by the World Resources Institute that provides data on forests.


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