11 year Mizoram girl, a true hero in all sense


It is not just receiving the National Bravery Award that Carolyn Malsawmtluangi is admired for. But her deed of sharing the prize money with the girl that she saved has won her many praises.

The brave 12 year old Mizoram girl shared half the prize money with the girl whom she saved. Malsawmtluangi got Rs 20,000 prize money along with the Bravery award. She received the award for her courage for saving a child from the hands of a woman who had kidnapped her. Apart from giving her Rs 10,000, she also presented the child with clothes and a silver necklace.

While playing in the playground, she saw the woman with the child. She thought that they were related. The next day, the police sounded an alarm about the missing child. Malsawmtluangi became doubtful about the lady with the child. She started watching the woman and the child the next day and offered to take care of the child while she was working. When Malsawmtluangi got an opportunity, she took the child and ran to her home. After four days, the child reunited with her family. The police later nabbed the woman. The incident took place in June 2019.

Malsawmtluangi is from Zuangtui locality in Aizawl city.


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