Urban Indians To Be more On Digital Platform

Urban Indians To Be more On Digital Platform

Urban Indian consumers expect to spend more time with digital media in the future than any type of traditional media, according to a new report by the YouGov.

In the report Global Media Outlook Report 2022”, the YouGov says that digital medium has been the dominant media choices of urban Indians in the past 12 months, and they are likely to dominate their choices in the future as well.

Among projected increases in digital media sources are websites and apps (63% are likely to increase their consumption), social media (55%), streaming video (53%) and streaming music (49%).


The YouGov report noted that consumption of streaming video is likely to increase across age groups in India in the next 12 months. It said that consumption among young consumers between 25-34 years expected a higher increase (62%) as compared to those aged 35-44 (52%) or 55+ (41%). In comparison to this, intent to increase consumption of both live and non-live TV is lower among this group- at 50% and 45%, respectively, yet higher than the other age groups. This shows that along with driving the demand for streaming services, younger audiences in India will also dominate the demand for TV content in the future.


Younger generations are set to boost the consumption of streaming music, as well as podcasts. About six in ten (58%) adults between 25-34 years plan to stream more music in the next 12 months, which is higher than the expectations of other age groups, the report said. Even though future consumption of podcasts is projected lower than other mediums, its consumption is likely to soar among young consumers (25-34 vears) in the country it said.

Across all age groups, demand for VOD is the highest among consumers between 25-34 years, with almost half (49%) currently paying for, and likely to continue with their subscriptions next year. In addition to this, one in ten (10%) respondents who do not currently pay, said they might consider paying next year, representing a clear opportunity for growth within this cohort in case of music subscriptions. Compared to all other age groups, a higher proportion of young adults (between 25-34) currently pay for music subscriptions and are likely to continue paying next year as well. There is further room for growth as 14% who currently do not have a paid subscription may consider signing up next year.



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