10,000 steps a day can keep blood pressure lower

Walk Backwards and feel better

It is an old notion, walking more will help you better your health. The old theory is once again reaffirmed by a new study now. So, take 10,000 steps a day, your blood pressure will be less.

According to the study, people who walk more also have lower blood pressure, one of the main risk factors for more serious cardiovascular conditions and events, such as heart disease and stroke.

The study by researchers from the University of California in San Francisco, found a link between how much a person walks each day and their blood pressure levels.

The study analysed the data collected from 638 participants who wore an Apple Watch every day, for at least 5 hours each time. The smart watch recorded the number of steps they took on a daily basis and their BP was recorded on weekly basis for five months.

It was found that the participants’ average blood pressure was 122/76, indicating normal to slightly elevated blood pressure. It was found that for every 1,000 steps a participant took per day, their systolic blood pressure was approximately 0.45 points lower.

So the study concluded that a person who takes about 10,000 steps each day has a 2.25 points lower systolic blood pressure than someone who takes half that amount of steps. On average, over the 5-month period, participants took about 7,500 steps a day.


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