100 forests for India from the US

Ecosikh forest

Punjab in India will get its green canopy a thicker covering with a group of Sikhs living in the United States pledging to take up plantation of 100 forests in the state and other parts of the country. EcoSikh, an organisation of the Sikh community in the US has taken up the initiative as part of their commitment to fight climate change.

In their seventh Gala held in Washington, EcoSikh pledged to fight climate change by planting Guru Nanak Sacred Forests.  The EcoSikh members were quoted in the media as saying that they would achieve the target of planting one million trees as part of Gurui Nanak’s 550th birth anniversary with the completion of the 100 forests planned in India.

The community has already planted about 120 mini forests various states such as Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Maharashtra, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Delhi and Jammu as part of their social commitment. It has been said that the initiative would help in restoring nature n many places and also fill the gap of imbalance. They also said that planting trees was an investment for the future.

EcoSikh’s global president Rajwant Sinmgh was quoted as saying that climate change was one of the greatest challenge that the world faced today and urged all religious communities to come forward in making the earth greener. All religions have a role in making the earth greener, he said. He also mentioned that planting trees in the backyard, educational institutions and religious places could help in the way  for a greener canopy.


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